A downloadable game for Windows

Hello Kitty :D

This was my entry game for ludumdare 31. It was a hard work to finish it, because it was planned as a html5 game... but game maker export was a bad idea... so I had to change some scripts to export it for windows :)

Here is the instruction:

You have to reach the rooftop of the left house and enter the skylight. But you have to eat all the catnips first. There is a big bad dog waiting for you at the ground... so be carefull not to hit the ground. Use the windows as platforms and the pipes a ladder. Have fun.

  • arrow-keys for left or right ... or using the digital controller of you xbox controller
  • space bar or the A-Key of you xbox controller to jump
  • the q-key or the RT-Button on your xbox controller to use your paws
  • esc to pause or unpause the game

Install instructions

Download it, unzip it and play as often as you want it :)


cat-a-clyscreen_ld31.zip 4 MB