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Hello stranger.

Did you ever ask yourself how to survive a shopping tour in a mall stuffed with zombies? No?... Okay... then you should do it now! Why? Because you need to go out and find the probably last bottle of "EpicMilk"... You'll need the milk to save the world... because the milk is awesome they say... Only EpicMilk will give you the power to stop this zombie guys forever. Okay and it is very delicious, too (serve chilled).

This game is still in development, so there are only a few levels and some procedual created music tracks, sounds and comfort functions... if you like to give me some helpful feedback, please contact me on Twitetr (@technokrat)... Or visit my website psychomonster.com :)

You can also play a very outdated html5-demo version of The Last Bottle Of Epic Milk :)


Movement: Arrow-Keys or digital cross of your gamepad to move

Kick their ass: Space or the a-key on your gamepad

Pause the game: ESC or start-button on your gamepad

Quit the Game: Q (only in level mode)

You need to find 5 apples to disable the obstacles (the boxes) to gain acces to special areas or to the exit... but be carefull... every eaten apple makes the zombies more agressive...

Have fun finding the milk... because it is awesome to do so. If you want to buy me a beer or some tasty snacks you can choose a price you wanna pay for this game. Thank you very much :)

UPDATE 2015/06/09:

  • changed some levels for balancing
  • rearranged the level order
  • removed some tileset errors on some maps
  • added traps
  • traps can be removed by pushing boxes against them
  • you can detect traps by eating a carrot
  • added boxes that can be moved
  • you can open up a box by kicking it 3 times
  • you can still move opened boxes
  • some boxes will drop items or zombies
  • You can restart a level by using the R-Key on your Keyboard
  • added alternative skins to the zombies

UPDATE 2015/05/19:

  • added a tileset for the first levels... looks more colorful now
  • Game now starts in fullscreen mode
  • new fire animation emiited by exploding barrels
  • barrels are movable now by pushing them
  • hit indicator... you are now bleeding after a zombie hits you
  • Improved the leveldesign a bit

UPDATE 2015/05/11:

  • added explosive barrels
  • explosions are spreading fire
  • added a highscore (not persistent yet)
  • added a new collectable item, the "source"... you will be able to trade with it in a later version
  • new sounds
  • some levels now have some secret places
  • reduced the zombie sounds a little bit :)

UPDATE 2015/03/20:

  • now we have a fresh titlescreen
  • you can play with your gamepad now
  • you can use the introduction menu to learn more about surviving
  • now you can see how many lifes you've left (UI improvements)
  • a NearDeathScreen now will help you understand how bad your characters health is :)
  • you can pause the game when ever you want :)


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